#2: A Step Forward

About two weeks ago, Matt and I arrived to the north bay area of San Francisco. It's been interesting. We've spent time at various campgrounds, cheap-ish hotels, and an air bnb. Until this morning, we have had to figure out where we should move to every couple of days. It's really weird not having a home and trying to start at a new life at the same time. Our days have consisted of preparing for job interviews in a tent, endless driving, sitting in Panera Bread for hours using the wifi, and a constant feeling of what do we do now? While we've found plenty of places within our price range, it's insanely competitive-- Showing up to CA with no jobs lined up doesn't exactly make you an ideal candidate to rent an apartment. 

But! its all part of the journey and I am very excited to announce we have a home. We'll be renting a cute trailer on a small farm in Petaluma, California. The property is beautiful and we're only 10 minutes from a cozy downtown. From what I've noticed so far, there seems to be a vibrant art scene and a beautiful landscape here. I am really excited to have a living space and a cute piece of land to make art on. My goals are to get involved in markets and festivals as soon as possible, volunteer at the Petaluma Arts Center, and take some graphic design & screen printing classes this summer. I really want to expand on the mediums I use in my artwork beyond paint and I am excited to see how my travels influence my work going forward. 

On Wednesday, we'll be moved in and I will be painting as soon as I've unpacked all my supplies!

#1: A West Coast Move

On February 7th, I left Rhode Island to move to California...for a variety of reasons. More than anything else, I was in desperate need of a drastic change in my life. My mind is quite a restless one, which is wonderful for my artwork, creative inspiration and drive. However, it does make it difficult for me to stay in one place for very long. It had been a while since I had lived anywhere different or done much traveling, so my brain was starting to go crazy with desire to leave.

After spending two weeks on the road with my boyfriend, we landed in the north bay area of San Francisco. All those minor details like jobs, a place to live..... are still in the works...but thats okay with me. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to take a chance like this in my life. Everyday is filled with excitement and anxiety, inspiration and doubt---it really has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I would be lying if I said that there weren't moments I thought what I am doing is crazy, or that it won't work out for me, but I am learning to not listen to those voices and to follow my heart instead. 

I already feel changes in me that I believe will influence my art for the better. While I am still figuring out where I would like art to take me in life, I know that I am making the right decision by pursuing it. Life is delicate and short, so I'm going to spend it doing what I love to do. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, I am excited to share my journey with you. I'll be posting updates on projects, festivals, opportunities and other art related things here.


P.S. Miss you dearly Rhody family and friends