Pop-Up at Thriftique

Over the weekend, I brought the majority of my smaller inventory to Thriftique, a nonprofit thrift store in Petaluma, CA. The primary objective of the shop is to raise funds for arts classes at local public schools. Due to budget cuts, many visual art, music and theatre classes are condensed or no longer offered at public schools. As an artist, I believe these classes are just as important as other subjects, especially for the creative souls out there. I was able to take art classes during every semester of high school, and I am not sure what I would have done without that creative outlet. 

My artwork will be on display and for sale in the shop until August 8th. I am very excited about the opportunity to connect with a shop that is giving back to the art community by raising money and providing a venue for local artists to display work. And who doesn't love a good thrift store? Below are a couple images of the work I delivered. Thriftique can be found at 2200 Petaluma Blvd North, Suite 515, Petaluma CA 94952. If you are interested in stopping by, the business hours are: Monday (9am-5pm), Wednesday through Friday (11am-8pm), Saturday (11am-6pm) & Sunday (12pm-6pm).