Piece of the Week: January 27, 2019

Today is Sunday, which means it is time for my Piece of the Week. I am currently working on a series of 10 paintings that are all on 5"x 5" teak wood scraps, which I found in an online shop on Etsy. The piece that I shared last week was titled Outrush, and it was a painting I created with an emotional foundation. The painting this week was created with a different approach that I often use in when I have high levels of creative energy, but a lack of ideas.


In some of my work, I rely solely on memories, feelings and energy. Movement is a major component of my style. There are times that the energy is there, but the vision isn’t. When this happens, I simply choose 3 or 4 colors to work with, and start paintings with no plans. Since I am lacking in vision, I also typically water down my paint to allow for more freedom of movement. After this first step, I allow the paint to dry and then revisit to add in detail or rework the piece.

With that being said, creating this piece reminded me of the importance of two things when it comes to creating art. First, it is okay to create without thinking. This removes any sense of pressure and you never know what you might end up with. Some of my favorite pieces that I have made originally came from very vague and hazy beginnings. Secondly, remember to work with colors that you aren’t naturally drawn to all the time.

I typically gravitate toward greens and blues in my paintings. The colors that I used in this piece reminded me of the beauty in earth tones and the benefits of allowing for variety in your work. I also think it is important to step away from what you are comfortable or familiar with from time to time, as it allows for you expand your creative thinking. And that is about all my brain has got for tonight, so I hope you enjoyed my thoughts!